Hurunui District Council’s Youth Development Coordinator, Rebecca Pugh is looking for youth between the ages of 12 and 18 to join the Hurunui Youth Programs (HYP) mentoring initiative.


Early last year, a research project focusing on Hurunui youth was developed by three women working in Youth Wellbeing: Michelle Cole of Meaningful Health Hurunui and Sarah Wylie and Dr Jane Spittlehouse of the Collaborative Trust for Research and Training in Youth Development.

The results of this project found that youth mentoring in the Hurunui District would be a positive experience for our local teens. This led the Council’s HYP to launch a youth mentoring initiative.

“The research shows many benefits of a mentoring partnership such as improved relationship skills, increase in self-worth and increased sense of wellbeing. We want this for our young people in Hurunui,” said Rebecca.

Thrilled to have had 14 mentors come forward, Rebecca is now on the hunt for willing mentees.

“We would love to hear from any youth or their whānau who are interested in this awesome opportunity and to see if this initiative is the right fit for them.”

For more information, please contact Rebecca by emailing or call her on 02718000582.