Dr Lorna Martin
Tsarina Dellow
Hurunui District Council TLA Community Representative
Dr Esther Avnit
GP Representative Ashburton
Lyn Leslie
Christchurch City Council TLA Community Representative
Dan Gordon (Waimakariri Mayor)
Waimakariri District Council TLA Community Representative
Bill Eschenbach
Chief Executive Officer (non voting)
Tumanako Stone Howard
Manawhenua ki Waitaha

Board Meeting Dates

The Board meets monthly, usually on the first Wednesday of the month. Meetings are held at the Waitaha Primary Health office located at Level 1, 567 Wairakei Road, from 2pm. The public are welcome to attend.

For minutes, agendas and board papers, please email enquiries@waitaha.health.nz.

Waitaha Primary Health Board Meetings 2023
September 6th
October 4th
November 1st
December 6th

(usually 1st Wednesday of the month)

Leadership and governance

The Waitaha Primary Health Board will regularly address its process and role.

We will:

  • identify the necessary skills, structure and appropriate representation
  • provide the necessary resources for the CEO to develop a sound business plan
  • maintain the CEO Appraisal sub-committee
  • maintain an Audit/Risk (FRisk) sub-committee
  • maintain Board representation on the Clinical Governance Group
  • work within Ministry of Health National Targets, System Level Measures.

Viability / visibility

Waitaha Primary Health will be an effective and responsive organisation.

We will:

  • execute core business efficiently
  • develop a workforce plan to enhance the capabilities of staff and Board members
  • collect appropriate data to improve performance
  • enhance the capability of our governance
  • lift our profile.

Primary health care teams

Waitaha Primary Health will support our primary health care teams to ensure their long-term health and viability.

We will:

  • work with the implementation of System Level Measures
  • clarify the implications and expectations of System Level Measures to primary care teams
  • maintain a locum workforce
  • support recruitment and retention of the workforce
  • provide education and support for models of care for practitioners that increase skills and self-care for the patient
  • expand Telehealth
  • maintain IT support for all practitioners
  • maintain sound clinical representation on the Clinical Governance Group
  • represent our primary care colleagues on alliances, work groups and committees both locally and nationally.

Cultural Appropriateness.

We will:

  • support primary health care teams to ensure cultural appropriateness of care and service delivery.

Alliancing / communications / relationships / positioning

Waitaha Primary Health will maintain its principles and integrity in its alliance relationships.

We will:

  • understand the Alliance Agreement and its implications to us
  • understand the Ministry of Health National Targets and implications for primary care
  • develop our Communications Strategy based on our principles
  • enhance our visibility and credibility through active relationship building with Iwi, communities and territorial local authorities.

Adding value – future thinking

Waitaha Primary Health will add value to our services, activities and relationships.

We will:

  • be innovative
  • find alternative funding
  • consider extending core business
  • provide resources to analyse data and trends
  • provide resources for research
  • provide the appropriate education to practices to understand the data and trends.

Vision Statement

Waitaha Primary Health Organisation will strive to maintain and improve the health of its population and will encourage access to effective health services that help to reduce inequalities. We will do this by ensuring services are of a high quality through effective communication. We will treat people with respect; valuing individual, cultural and professional diversity. We will seek to establish agreed goals and values and respect the rights of all who belong and subcontract to the organisation.

Waitaha Primary Health’s Clinical Governance Group

Waitaha Primary Health has a Clinical Governance Group (CGG) Committee which acts as an advisory committee to the Board. The CGG Committee’s role is to assist the Board with any clinical aspects that relate to its business.

This may include (but is not limited to):

  • any clinical and quality improvement aspects of Waitaha Primary Health’s programmes or projects
  • ensuring that national standards, guidance and clinical best practice are systematically reviewed and embedded within Waitaha Primary Health’s clinical programmes
  • advice on workforce arrangements to meet specified clinical outcomes
  • detailed analysis of clinical issues and risks associated with Waitaha Primary Health’s programmes or projects
  • ensuring that programmes target and define at-risk populations and minimise barriers to accessing its services
  • contributing to performance plans and health measures
  • providing clinical advice to Waitaha Primary Health’s Clinical Manager and other staff
  • advising on professional development for Waitaha Primary Health’s contracted providers.


Membership, appointment process and meetings

The length of term for members is three years. They may be re-elected after each three year period. The Chair is elected by members annually. Formal membership is ratified by the Waitaha Primary Health Board annually.

Clinical Group Governance Membership consists of:
  • two General Practitioner representatives
  • a practice nurse representative
  • the Waitaha Primary Health Medical Advisor
  • a community representative
  • an iwi representative
  • a Pharmacist representative
  • a Community and Public Health Medical Officer – ex-officio
  • secondment as required.


Finance Audit and Risk Committee (Frisk)

The Finance Audit and Risk Committee is a sub-committee of the Board, that meets one week prior to the Board meeting, to review the monthly financials and Risk Reports on behalf of the Board. Its membership consists of three Board members (including the Board Chair), the Chief Executive Officer, and an Independent Chartered Accountant (as Chair).

Join Us

If you would like to discuss a partnership with Waitaha Primary Health please contact us on 03 357 4970 or 0800 800 743 about your practice or health service. If you would like to be a part of our team, read more on our careers page.